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Do’s and Don’ts for taking care of your PHILIPS Vacuum Cleaner

Do’s and Don’ts for taking care of your Vacuum Cleaner



  • Replace a washable filter if it can no longer be cleaned properly or if it is damaged.
  • Never vacuum up water or any other liquid, flammable substances or hot ashes.
  • Always replace the filters with original Philips filters of the correct type.
  • Never use the appliance without any of the filters. This could damage the motor and shorten the life of the appliance.
  • Only clean the inside of the dust container with a moist cloth.
  • Do not clean any parts with water and/or cleaning agents if this is not particularly shown in the user manual.
  • Replace motor protection filter and exhaust filter once a year or as per your usage check the condition to replace. Both these filters cannot be washed.
  • Do not point the hose, the tube or any other accessory at the eyes or ears nor put it in your mouth.
  • For bagless vacuum cleaners, remove both the motor protection filters (foam and allergy filter) rinse them under cold tap water, let both the filters dry for 24 hours and place them back safely.
  • Do not clean the appliance without removing it from the socket-outlet.


*Extracts from product's user manuals are also added to above text

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