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Safe operations and easy cleaning of your PHILIPS JMG or Food Processor

You need to follow simple maintenance procedure to ensure that your Juicer, Mixer, Grinder or Food Processor is always safe and clean to operate. This will mean you keep the parts that come in contact with food always clean and safeguard yourself from any hazardous incident. 

Below are few Do's and Don'ts to follow:


  • Always unplug the appliance after use
  • Always unplug the appliance before reaching in to the jar with your fingers or any object
  • Since the appliance includes blades, keep it away from children or someone with lack of experience or knowledge of operating the machine
  • Always ensure that speed selector know is at OFF position before fixing accessories like Jars, etc.
  • Always clean the motor unit with damp cloth and not with drenched cloth 
  • Always clean the blender, chutney, dry, wet jars and pulp extractors
  • After use, add soapy water to the jar and mix for 10 seconds to ensure easy cleaning of the jar


  • Do not operate the machine without lid in place or with an empty jar
  • Do not use the appliance on wet surface
  • Do not immerse the appliance body/motor in water or any other liquid
  • Do not leave jars unwashed for long since food stuck over time will make it difficult to deep clean
  • Do not keep blades or any other sharp elements open to ensure safety. This will also save products from getting scratched
*Extracts from product user manual are also added to above text

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