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How to maintain and clean your PHILIPS Trimmer or Shaver

Simple things like cleaning and maintaining your trimmer or shaver can prolong its life and ensure smooth and fast operations. It will also reduce chances of surprising break down and ensure germ free, hygienic use every time.

Below are few tips to keep your Philips grooming product up to mark.

1) Use the brush that comes along with your Philips Trimmer/Shaver

With every purchase, Philips provides a tiny cleaning brush to sweep away any hair stuck deeply inside hair collection chamber, cutting element or on the comb surface.

Use the cleaning brush after every use. Most trimmers have detachable cutting element hence it is easy to clean the trimmer body. Similarly, all shavers have detachable shaving heads.

Below images are from one of the trimmer manuals however please read the user manual of your product to check if it is wet or dry compatible and also to know cleaning process in detail.

Firstly, please empty your trimmer hair-collection chamber after each trimming session and use the cleaning brush as shown below.

For dry shavers, simply open the head and clean each of the three shaving heads along with blade caps.


2) Use running tap water for cleaning

Plastic combs as well stainless steel/titanium blades can be washed under running tap water.

Also, please check if your product is wet cleaning compatible as well as shower proof. In case it is, simply put the head of your trimmer or shaver under the tap to clean away any hair and bacteria.

Washing Philips trimmer blade and combs

Please note- Blade and comb needs to be cleaned with water after every use or at least once a week depending on your usage frequency.


Washing Philips Wet and Dry, Showerproof Shaver Head

Please note- These images are only for showerproof, wet and dry shaver.

Cleaning of each shaver heads by opening the blades and cap as shown below needs to be carried out once a month. However after every use it is advisable to clean off water from your shaver and dry it with a towel.

3) Storing your appliance

A few appliances come with soft storage pouch. Also, some shavers come with protective plastic cap for head. In case otherwise, it is advisable to store your appliance in a storage pouch away from any other objects to ensure hygiene and maintaining sharpness of blade teeth

4) Replacing batteries and blades

Most appliances come with non-replaceable batteries. However, you can inquire about battery/body replacement with us.

Regarding blade replacement, it is advisable to replace trimmer blades every 12 to 24 months. This timing may vary according to the appliance you are using and your frequency of use. However, if the performance of your blade is depleting and not giving great results, you know it is time to replace them. You can also refer the user manual to know replacement timeline. We sell most blades on this website and can help you to find out right fit.

5) Few additional Don’ts to keep in mind

  • Never open the appliance for cleaning while it is connected to the wall socket
  • Never use compressed air, scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids such as petrol or acetone to clean the appliance
  • Never dry the cutting element/blade unit of any trimmer with towel or tissues, as this may damage the trimming teeth
  • Never clean your dry use appliance that is not showerproof under water. Refer your product user manual to know if it is showerproof/washable
  • Never wash your appliance charger or if your product comes with a charging stand, never wash the electric plug or stand
  • Do not share your trimmer and shaver with another person to ensure hygiene
*Extracts from product user manual are also added to above text

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